4 Major Kinds of Sous Vide Machines That You Need To Know

Do you know that there are various kinds of sous vide machines that are readily available to use in cooking sous vide? If you are unaware of on what are these various kinds, you must start off first with the major kinds which are all the most popular and common. You will get to know these major kinds if you decide to read this article.

The list below will inform you on what are the major kinds of sous vide machines.

  1. Immersion Circulators

The first major kind of sous vide machine is the immersion circulator which is a very common and popular kind that is why it is always available in every house. This kind is composed of water pump and heating element which both works together in order to circulate and heat the water. Immersion circulators are also available to use with any containers in any sizes such as stainless pots and plastic tubs. With this, cooking in it is not limited to just one quantity of food and instead, it can range from small quantity up to a bigger quantity of food. The temperature stability of immersion circulators is also the finest one among the other kinds of sous vide machines. Therefore, it can evenly and quickly heat up the water. Immersion circulators come at both affordable and expensive prices depending on its brand.

  1. Water Baths

The next kind of sous vide machine is the water bath which is typically an enclosed heater and controller of temperature that is equipped with the water bath. Unlike immersion circulators, this kind of sous vide machine is much bigger in size and more expensive in price. You are not also allowed to use different sizes and kinds of containers since that it has a bath size which is built – in. However, water baths can still be a perfect sous vide machine because using it is very effortless and easy. In addition to that, it is also capable of doing some cooking tasks that other kinds of sous vide machines cannot do which includes of poaching in either butter or oil and making soup stocks.

  1. Temperature Controllers

Also included in this list of major kinds of sous vide machine is the temperature controller which is somewhat different and unique to the other available kinds. This is simply because it uses either a rice cooker or crock pot that will serve as the water container so that it can heat up the water. The temperature controller is also responsible for regulating the temperature so that the water will become stable. If you are a beginner in the field of sous vide, then temperature controller is the suitable sous vide machine for you since that it is not only effortless to use but, it is also an affordable sous vide machine.

  1. Stove Top

Finally, the last major kind of sous vide machine is the stove top which is the easiest and most affordable machine that will help you in cooking sous vide. As what the name suggests, stove top typically uses a stove that will heat up the water’s temperature and stove cooler that will maintain the water’s temperature. Stove top works well for the purpose of cooking for long hours and a large quantity of food. However, stove top is very difficult to deal with when it is for maintaining the temperature accurately and precisely.

To conclude, this article only proves that sous vide machines come in different and various kinds. With this, it is important that you get information on what are these kinds so that when you buy one it will be easier for you to choose.