Best Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide Cooking

Best Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide Cooking

Vacuum sealers are a revolutionary product that helps households to save time and money. Many manufacturers have created smaller and more lightweight versions of the sealers. Sous vide is French for under vacuum and it is a unique way to cook food. Here is some best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking.

Best vacuum sealers for sous vide cooking:

The food is cooked in a vacuum which sounds complicated. The food is vacuum sealed in plastic and then cooked in a water bath that has a constant temperature. Here are the best methods of sealing food for sous vide cooking.

  • Chambered vacuum sealers:

This is a most expensive method of sealing food for sous vide cooking. Chambered vacuum sealers are devices that will suck the air out and even if there are liquids in the bag. They usually have a variable vacuum strength that you can set for other techniques like compression and infuse.

  • Food saver type edge sealers:

Edge sealers are a good intermediate step if you want the power of a vacuum seal. They are also great if you pack a lot of food at home since they help food last a longer in the freezer. Edge sealers will not pull too much of a vacuum compared to chambered sealers.

For sous vide cooking, the vacuum sealer will remove all the air surrounding a piece of food and then seal the plastic cover around the food. Vacuum sealer works best with solid foodstuffs but it will not work with liquids like soups. So with liquids, the vacuum seal is not really a vacuum.

The best time to vacuum seal your food is right after you buy it. Vacuum sealing food right after buying is the best method for locking in the freshness.