Why Is Sous Vide So Expensive?

We are extremely avid sous vide cookers. Nearly every dinner that we cooked is prepared sous vide. Why might you ask? Because it’s super easy, very consistent, and absolutely delicious!

Our friends often ask us how we can afford to cook sous vide so often. They will say that cooking sous vide is so expensive, right? Well, not necessarily.

Like cooking any kind of food, the cost of the meal is going to be a result of what kind of ingredients that you’re looking for and whether or not you purchase them on sale.

The actual ingredients in sous vide are often nothing more than a piece of meat and some seasoning. Or, well if you’re cooking vegetables, then vegetables and seasoning. Again, sous vide cooking is super easy!

As you can see, those types of food are often not all that expensive, especially when you are purchasing the ingredients when they’re on sale.

However, the expensive part of sous vide cooking is buying the equipment. An average sous vide machine will run an average of $100 – $200! There are even some sous vide machines that run well over $700!

To some, this may sound like an astronomical number. For us, we see it as a gateway to more delicious food.

While a grill is going to cost you about the same, if not a little more, than a quality sous vide machine, you’re going to be able to cook a much wider range of food on it. This is why most of our friends have yet to switch over to sous vide cooking.

But since they have immersion circulators as low as $100, it’s really not all that bad of a barrier to entry.

There’s also the option of making your own sous vide machine. Given that all a sous vide machine does is heat water and move the water around, you can probably easily make one at home. However, this kind of a hassle isn’t always worth it to people.

Again, for us, the purchase was a no-brainer. For others, especially those that are cost-conscious, you may want to look elsewhere.